The Birmingham Whisky Club Blog :: Amy’s Weekend Whisky Wonders (Part 1)

May 18, 2017

On The Blog

In the first post of a new series, Amy Seton (Owner of The Birmingham Whisky Club) has selected a wonderful weekend dram for your consideration. She’ll be recommending something new every month, so stay tuned to the blog to find out what’s been gracing her glass in the last few weeks…

This month’s ‘Weekend Whisky Wonder’ is… Bowmore Vault Edition – Atlantic Sea Salt – 51.5% abv, NAS

Having recently tried this at a Bowmore tasting, I wanted to go back for second taste.

I’m a real fan of peated whiskies, cemented by a trip to Islay last year, which has had me itching to go back ever since! Although, I didn’t get to tour the Bowmore distillery this time, I was still able to fill, and label, a bottle (not this one), directly from a cask in their warehouse to take home with me. It was a great experience and that bottle will stay unopened until a suitably auspicious date.

Part one in a series of four special releases that showcase specific layers of Bowmore casks matured in their No.1 Vaults. This is dubbed ‘Atlantic Sea Salt’, to showcase the salty layer of Bowmore whiskies. 

It’s a light looking whisky, quite lightly golden in fact. On the nose I find it very subtle but with a definite hint of saltiness and a lovely honey dew melon, and a soft peach tang.

Tasting it, once you get past the initial alcohol hit, then I find a hint of dark chocolate orange, salted caramel and a warming, slightly berry-like subtle note.

On the finish, once the sweeter flavours have subsided, it leaves a wonderful lasting salty taste. Almost as if you’re sitting on the shore of Islay itself watching the waves crash in catching some of the drops in your mouth.

All in all, I find it quite a subtle whisky. The saltiness is there in all aspects of the whisky but the other flavours are keen to come forward if you give it the time. You’ll find yourself going back to this one again and again. A treat!

I bought this from Amazon for roughly £92.