The Birmingham Whisky Club Blog :: Richard’s Whisky Birmingham Picks (Part 2)

April 27, 2017

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Richard (our very own Duke Of Drams) is back this month with another round of his festival favourites… This month has a distinctly Irish feel – with a hint of Scotland thrown in there for good measure! Read on for more…

Continuing the updates from the festival we have Tullamore 12, Tullamore Phoenix and Ma 1. The Tullamore’s were are pleasant opener to the festival day for me and opened up a different side to Irish Whiskey to what I’ve been used to. Ma1 from Elements of Islay is a whisky I’d love to have as a staple in my cabinet! The sweet peatiness of this whisky is a real treat if you’re in to your Islay drams!

What: Tullamore D.E.W. 12 year old Special Reserve, 40% 

Where: Tried at Whisky Birmingham, but fairly widely available.

Nose: Butter, cereal with strawberries and cream.

Palate: Nutmeg, creamy in the mouth. Light and mellow flavour.

Finish: Medium length for me although others found it lasted a bit longer. Marzipan comes through as it develops.

I’d not particularly tried Tullamore before the festival and really enjoyed tasting through the range. Little hint I was given on the day, try this paired with 70% Cocoa chocolate!

WhatTullamore D.E.W. Phoenix55%

Where: Travel retail (Airport)

Nose: Raisin and cloves. Fuller than the 12, more oak, more body in the alcohol. Better to start off nosing this one a bit higher up!

Palate: Sherry, caramel chews, warming spices and it develops purple fruit notes in the back of the palate for me. Not quite plum but in that kind of area.

Finish: Long and warm, hints of white pepper and developing vanilla on the tongue.

The name of this whisky is taken from the great fire in 1785 in Tullamore. A hot air balloon accident resulted in a fire that devastated the town. The town survived, stronger following the destruction and incorporated a Phoenix into the town’s coat of arms. The mix of pot still and oloroso sherry really works for me in this!

NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: Fancy trying a Tullamore for yourself? Join us on May 20th for our ‘Meet The Family’ session with William Grant! Tickets and information can be found here.

What: Elements Of Islay Ma1, 54.2%, Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Where: Not currently available – so keep an eye out!

Nose: Damp ashes / soot, lemon peel, pepper.

Palate: Earthy and spicy (cinnamon), hazelnut and creamy feel in the mouth.

Finish: Peat smoke, char, brine note almost then also dark chocolate.

I tried this whisky mid 2016 and again at the festival and was blown away by the complexity on the finish. Long and strong, it just goes on and on.