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September 27, 2017

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This month Richard (our very own Duke Of Drams) has gone a little more off-piste with his choices and has selected whiskies from two more unusual producers. Fancy indulging in something different? Read on for more…

October’s choice is an eclectic round up of two odds and sods I’ve been considering for a while. As such there’s no specific location I’m suggesting going to get them this month but you may find some find their way into the UK market!

What: Millstone 5 Grain Special No8 :: Zuidam, 46%, Dutch Whisky

Where: Online

Nose: Really complex nose. Lots of grain layers with a sweetness underpinning it. I couldn’t help but think this is what alcoholic Frosties might smell like! 

Palate: Almost medicinal. Slight citrus notes to the American Oak but rapidly giving way to a lot spice. White pepper and nutmeg. I suspect the Rye and Spelt influence in particular.

Finish: Fairly short finish due to the medicinal notes which become crisp, almost minty. Herbaceous.

I found this in a local bar in The Netherlands. Zuidam mainly do gin over here but the manager of the company loves whisky hence having set up a distillery. This is a very American style whisky, reminding me of the Hudson Bay 4 grain or the Few Rye. An interesting taste which is only really let down but how amazing the nose is making the final taste feel almost a let-down.

What: Floki Sheep Dung Smoked :: Eimverk, 47%, Icelandic Whisky.

Where: Reykjavik duty free… possibly.

Nose: Grassy, leather, metallic. Difficult not to think it smells of Sheep however given the name! Needs a bit of time in the glass for the nose to lose a bit of its raw spirit alcohol.

Palate: Full bodied. Peppery oak, ash, sharp caramel.

Finish: Pepper still, cocoa and slightly burned caramel notes. Medium length.

Technically this is not a whisky. The distillery has released a limited young malt bottling before releasing their first whisky at the end of this year. I mentioned this whisky as a foot note a few months back but having recently acquired a bottle, decided to give it a full tasting. This is a really interesting example of taking a local cultural approach to smoking and applying it to a new whisky. I personally think the spirit in this isn’t quite ready but I’m really interested to try this when it gets to 5 and 10 years in the future.