Brum’s Dram Directory :: The Wellington

March 29, 2017

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Who are you and where can we find you?

Jessica Barlow. Assistant Manager at The Wellington, and self-titled Whisky Curator.

Tell us a bit about your whisky selection?

The Wellington is a traditional real ale pub, but we have a pretty big “secret”- over 150 whiskies & bourbons, from around the world. As we have such a big collection, it’s split over 2 bars. The ground floor is where you will find our Scotch selection, with choices from Campbeltown to Speyside. The first floor holds our international choices, whisking people from Africa to Wales, taking in the tastes from locations such as India, France, Sweden, Japan, and many more, along the way. I’m sure we can find a whisky for everybody here!

What’s your personal pick of the bunch?

With such a range to choose from, picking a favourite is always hard. It can change depending on my mood… I do have a few regulars that I continually go back to, and I will always recommend them to people. The Arran 14 Year Old, though, is a lovely Highland whisky all year round. Nicely smooth, full of rich fruits and toffee, and enough kick to wake you up a little, but not so much that you can’t sleep afterwards. Leaving you time to drift off with cinnamon and a little wave of salt.

How much does it cost?

Relatively easy to find online- The Whisky Exchange have this in stock for £43.35; Nickolls and Perks £40.96; and Amazon have bottles for £43.94 each, with Prime. As you can see, it doesn’t break the bank. Unfortunately, I can’t find this as readily available on the high street, which is a shame, but whisky through the post seems like something we all need.