Festival Etiquette…

While we want everyone to enjoy themselves, we do expect a certain level of behaviour from people attending our events. We have a zero tolerance policy on anti-social, drunken and rude behaviour, and anyone displaying such behaviour will be asked to leave the event along with anyone who they came in with. Types of behaviour that we will react to include

– Being rude to members of our staff, brand staff who are working on the stands, anyone from our street food and catering teams, and any venue staff.

– Being excessively drunk – we provide food and water throughout the site and we advise you to eat properly before you attend. You need to make sure you are aware of your own limits and also keep an eye on your friends. If you are worried about one of them, then you can let security know, or a member of venue staff. We provide plenty of seating around the venue for you to take a break if you need to.

– Being disruptive in any way – this is fairly self explanatory, but if you start smashing glasses, fooling around and generally stoping others enjoying the day, you will be asked to leave.

Whisky Birmingham is a festival for whisky lovers to try things they may not have tasted before and to introduce their friends to ‘the water of life’. We want everyone to have a great time and do what we need to to maintain the wonderful event that it normally is.