Great Drams In Brum :: Katy Nagle

November 2, 2016

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Who are you and where are you based?

Hiya! I’m Katy and I am a member of bar staff at The Wellington pub in Birmingham. Whilst being

famed for being a specialist real ale pub, we also have a selection of over 160 whiskies including

Scotches, Irish, Bourbons, Japanese and many other world whiskies to choose from.


What’s your favourite from your selection? scapa-skiren-with-box-350x350

I’m not very loyal to one particular brand or style; it usually depends how I’m feeling or what the

weather is doing as to which one is my favourite. Currently, however, I’m favouring whiskies with a

hint of peat and brine . We have a bottle of Scapa “Skiren” which I guess I would say is my current

favourite. Tomorrow or next week I would probably have a different answer!


What are the key tasting notes and why have you picked it?

Lots of honey and slightly spiced. I also got a lot of fruitiness, particularly mango and apricot

flavours on the nose. The finish surprised me as although the nose and the palate is very sweet, it

becomes more bitter as it lingers. It’s not as peaty as other island whiskies but it still has a the

tiniest hint of smoke. I picked it because this whisky surprised me! I wasn’t expecting the flavours I

got at all, but it’s a really beautiful dram!


How much does it retail for at your establishment?

£6.80 for 25ml, but worth it!