Festival Ticket Cancellation Policy

Whisky Birmingham is very popular and sells out months in advance. Although we don’t offer refunds or transfers, we sometimes have people ask if they can return their tickets as they no longer need the amount they have bought. We offer an automatic waiting list, found on the website, which kicks in when all tickets are sold. At that point a ticket will be offered to the waiting list and if it gets picked up then we can refund the ticket to the buyer. It gets harder to pass them on the nearer it gets to the festival.

We recommend:

  • Only buy tickets if you are absolutely sure everyone who says they want one can attend.
  • If you think that maybe one of your group is having second thoughts, it’s best to let us know sooner rather than later, so we can offer it out once the waiting list is activated and has people waiting for a ticket.
  • And to please understand that we can’t take them back on the door. It’s just too late at that point.

Any questions get in touch via the ‘contact us’ form on the website.