Last Orders with Stephen Rutherford from Glenfiddich

June 26, 2018

On The Blog

On the blog this month, we caught up with Glenfiddich Brand Ambassador Stephen Rutherford to ask him about the whiskies in their portfolio. Here is what he had to say:

Of the Glenfiddich range which are your favourite whiskies?

  • For me, my favourite is the Glenfiddich 15 Solera Vat. It is, in my opinion, the most rounded whisky in our range and the heather honey sweetness is my go to, the close second would be Glenfiddich Project XX, it is a little punchier at 47% abv, but has layer after layer of flavour giving it a complexity which is endlessly interesting.

What is it that makes these brands special in your opinion?

  • It is the determination to stick to its roots and do things the right way, making a decision based on flavour and liquid rather than on money and business. Of course, it is still a business and that side of the company obviously doesn’t get ignored, however, decisions are always made with great liquid at the heart of them and that is what has kept Glenfiddich at the forefront since 1887.

What’s the most expensive whisky you sell?

  • Currently, our most expensive whisky that we sell ‘regularly’ is our 50yr old, coming in at £22’975.00 per bottle.