The Team

Backed by a steadfast team Amy Seton has delivered Birmingham’s first dedicated Whisky Bar.

Amy Seton - Owner

Amy set up the Whisky Clubs Group in late 2011 after trying to find tasting events to attend and expand her own knowledge of whisky. The flagship club in Brum, The Birmingham Whisky Club, was born out of her own love of this historic drink and desire to learn more about it. Whisky Clubs Group hosts tastings with a twist, always seeking to infuse as much creativity and passion into the events for not only the whisky but the stories behind the bottlings and cities.

Amy has been excitedly watching the independent food and drink scene blossom and this is her way of adding to the vibrant culinary community - organising something she knows local people will enjoy and appreciate.

Come and find her at the bar for a whisky chat.

Alice Welchman - Operations Manager

Alice is always busy looking out for the city’s inventive oddities to support or collaborate with both at work and in her personal life.

Alice started out in the industry behind the bar and most recently opened a small independent restaurant alongside restaurateur Chris James. Although new to this vast world of whisky (not the drinking part!) Alice is thrilled to have now joined the ever-expanding Whisky Clubs Group. She looks forward to not only a whole new journey and education into the culture and passion behind whisky but evolving Whisky Bristol.

Arron Smallman - Bar Manager

Like most great discoveries my career started entirely accidentally.

After realising the vast world of alcohol was more interesting than looking at rocks (for my university degree not just some sort of weird hobby) I was hooked and knew this is what I wanted to do.

Fast forward many years and I have now been in the industry for over a decade. I have been fortunate enough to open bars across the country, break world records in the industry & write my own menus for different bars.

I love the creativity and innovation behind inventing new drinks. The craftmanship that goes into creating new products really inspires me. Whether it be a new cocktail, a whole menu or a new whisky I can't wait to try something new.

The whole whisky scene is an exciting new challenge to me. Having worked in depth with a range of spirits over my career it presents a fresh opportunity to create something innovative and delicious.

Victoria Osgood - Ambassador

After working for The Birmingham Whisky Club team for a two year stint as a Events & Marketing Manager, she is now an official club Ambassador. Don't expect her to be brandishing a tray of gold chocolates at the party, but do feel free to grill her on her latest dram finds! Her love of whisky started when she first shared a dram with her Dad, but her knowledge and passion for uisce beatha has grown ever since. As well as whisky, Vicky is an adopted Brummie (having been here since 2003) and loves exploring the local scene of bars, pubs and restaurants.

Vicky loves most styles of whisky, but don’t get her started on Japanese or Peated… You could be there all day.

Craig Mills - Co-founder in 2011

Craig, a local whisky expert, has nearly 25 years in the drinks' trade. He has gained over 20 years' of personal whisky appreciation and an ever growing love of all things Ardbeg! He cites it as his favourite distillery, with Uigeadail as his favourite whisky. Saying of Ardbeg: "It is quite simply a rollercoaster of aromas and flavours with an epic finish that seems to evolve with every sip." High praise indeed from an expert! Craig has previously run wine and champagne tasting nights, and now focuses his expertise exclusively on whisky tastings. He has been conducting these for over 10 years for both private and corporate groups.